Kommetjie is a village on the west coast of the Cape Peninsula. With around 3000 residents, it has a peaceful rural atmosphere, which most residents wish to maintain. We are friendly and hospitable, but at the same time we fiercely defend our right to determine the pace and nature of our village. This is done in an open and transparent manner and all residents are invited to participate democratically.
Most of the residents know one another and we support local ventures where possible and when reasonable.
Our neighbours are Ocean View to the east and Scarborough to the south. The town of Fish Hoek on the east coast of the Peninsula is the nearest major centre with municipal offices and a traffic licensing station, as well as a train station linking it to Cape Town. Kommetjie is reached via Fish Hoek, or from Ou Kaapse Weg over the mountain, or along the scenic west coast route along Chapman’s Peak Drive.