District 6

District Six Museum is a museum in the former inner-city residential area District Six in Cape Town, South Africa.
District Six Foundation was founded in 1989 and the museum in 1994, as a memorial to the forced movement of 60,000 inhabitants of various races in District Six during Apartheid in South Africa at the seventies of the 20th Century.
The floor of the museum is covered with a big map of the district with hand written notes of former inhabitants, which indicate where their houses were located then. A well-known former resident is jazz musician Abdullah Ibrahim, better known under his artist name Dollard Brand. Other pieces in the museum are old traffic signs, presentations of moments of history, lives of families, historical declarations and the demolition.
Furthermore, the museum offers programs for the current inhabitants to develop the district.
The museum is dedicated to the construction of houses, environmental planning, and the organization of activities in the field of music, literature, and art, wherein the public has an active involvement. With it, the museum goals for connecting people with each other and activating the community to a joint community, where there is respect for dignity, identity and an existence of different races next to each other.
In 2003 the museum was honoured with a Prince Claus Award from the Netherlands.